Useful information

Route level description

Family routes:

The route is intended for all family members, from 5 to 75! Your technical skills and physical abilities won't be a show stopper here. All you need is to be able to ride a bicycle on unpaved terrain, the electric assit motor will do the rest for you. Enjoy the ride!

Intermediate rider routes:

The route features a couple of technical portions (short steep or rocky sections, obstacles clearance) and calls for an average physical fitness (occasional sports practice & exercising) in order to keep-up with the group. All family members can ride such routes as long as they are able to manage their speed on the aforementioned terrain.

Advanced rider routes:

The route features numerous technical sections, typical of mountain terrain (steep portions, wet, loose or rocky terrain, obstacle clearance, roots...) and can stretch over long distances. You are a capable rider (riding on a regular basis) and your physical fitness allows you to be endurant and pedal over extended periods of time at a medium pace. Don't worry, it's completely worth the effort!

Your personal equipment

Cycling specific gear:

Your bicycle has to be in proper working order, suited for the intended route and the battery has to be fully charged before departing in the case of an e-bike.

Don't forget to bring a flat repair kit adapted to your bicycle (air-tube and patches are often provided for bicycle hires) as well as your water bottle.


You are expected to wear fully closed shoes that provide adequate grip and protection to your feet. Your clothes should at least cover your torso and thighs when riding. A pair of sun glasses and gloves also make your ride a lot safer while wearing your helmet is mandatory.

In your backpack:

A small backpack will do the job just fine (10L per person, 25L if you bring the family along). Don't forget your basics:

For full day rides, you should consider bringing 1.5L of water per person (should no drinking water be encountered along the route) as well as your own lunch.

General organisation

Unless specified otherwise while booking, you will depart and end your session in front of Berthet Sports, at the center of the village.

Tours & sessions will depart at scheduled time. Return time may vary due to contingencies. In case of a late return, awaiting relatives will only be contacted by the instructor should need be.