Who's acting behind the scenes?

Well, since you seem to ask for it, let me introduce myself!

I'm Pierre, way into my thirties (as the number grows on a regular basis, we'll stick to this more convenient order of magnitude) and I'm a mountain enthusiast in it's many aspects. I founded CyclAventure back in 2021 aiming to share this environment I care for with you all (see next). In a previous career, I used to be an aeronautical engineer, but it seems side trails have drawn me deep into the woods and here I am today! This past experience has sharpened my sense of curiosity & pragmatism but also developed my appetite for teaching and learning, the whole topped with a glazing of humour.

I went "back to school" in 2021 and passed the French MTB instructor qualification (don't ask me it's proper french name as it'll put you off). All the while, I'm a Mountain Guide trainee, so if you're in for a hike or a ride, I'm your man! Where would you like to go then?

As you probably already have understood, I go out in the mountains as a hobby (paragliding, mountaineering, MTBiking, trail running or hiking) but I also have a kink for long distance bike trips. My partner and I spend a large chunk of our free time travelling on our bicycles. It is of the Gravel bike kind at the moment as it's utterly trendy I've heard... Norway, Scotland, Italy, the Balkans, Switzerland or our stunning french countryside have been among our many destinations over the past 10 years or so.

Since I got a bit personal already, I can also tell you that my visually impaired brother Arthur and I also enjoy tandem rides and under his succesful persuasion enterprise, we have acquired a brand new electric assist tandem MTB. The latter happens to be ready to seat anyone else who'd care for a ride for that matter. According to Arthur, riding it is loving it! I'd rather temper that it's the least you'd expect for the price... Anyway, we sure share some memorable wild and  remote adventures together ever since. Thanks to this personal experience, I have decided to put this knowledge of impairment to good use sharing and making the hobbies I love accessible to a vast majority.

Should this self centred diatribe leave you with yet more inquisitive questions, I encourage you to register to any one of CyclAventure activities. We'll have plenty of time to get to know one another...

CyclAventure's spirit.

CyclAventure was born in Les Gets, France, where I currently live. I've known this village ever since I was a young child, visiting on holiday (I hear your disappointment alright, I'm not a local, but so aren't you!). This once peaceful village has seen quite some revolutions over the past 30 years. There's been, among many other things, a boom on downhill mountain biking, which within 20 years time has reshaped the local summer tourism industry. Do not get me wrong here, I'm embracing this evolution myself but looking at the vast and mature competition there is out here in Les Gets, I chose to address the often overlooked families in its widest sense as my main clientele. Discovering, learning and improving regardless of your initial skills or abilities... Why would only dads have fun on a bike out in the mountains after all?

"CyclAventure aim at making Mountain Biking and Hiking more accessible, to the youngest and elderly among us, to those with or without impairment, that is each and every member of the family as long as they're in for it. That's our spirit so join us if you please!"