Private session & coaching

Friends or family, live an outstanding experience!

Hire your personal MTB guide/instructor! You may want to ride an exclusive route across mountains or level-up your riding skills, worry not, you're in good hands. From a 2h skills session to a multi-day guiding out in the wild, we'll make it your very own cycling experience. Whatever your favourite cycling flavour is, MTB, eMTB, Gravel or Road cycling we know of a secret spot you haven't ridden yet...

We also organise cycling events for companies or groups of individuals. Contact-us and let us know about your needs. 

Bump up your riding skills!

Would you like to take your riding skills to the next level? Well then, hire a qualified MTB instructor! Improve your flow and obstacle clearance technique or your ability to tackle anything the trail throws at you. During a dedicated session, we'll focus on your specific technical needs such as:

To make the most out of such session, we allow for a maximum of 4 participants at a time, preserving individual feedback and exercises.