eMTB tandem rides for all

MTB made accessible to everyone!

At CyclAventure, thanks to our personal environment, we care about making our favourite sport accessible to all regardless of their age, skills and abilities, including those with impaired hearing, sight, mobility or social skills. Regardless of your level of proficiency, ability or confidence in cycling, the electric assit tandem MTB is a marvellous piece of tooling in fostering cycling accessibility.

An instructor and his smiling and visually impaired passenger are gazing at the surrounding mountains whilst seated on their blue tandem MTB on a bright sunny day.

Team-up with your fellow pilot and pedal your way to adventure!

In 2023, we have acquired a brand new electric assit tandem MTB to pursue our personal sporting practice as a crew of siblings (see picture with Pierre, your instructor and Arthur, his visually impaired brother during one of their sessions). Over many years of family rides on a traditional tandem bike, the idea of sharing this experience with our customers blossomed.

(Re)discover the thrill of riding on a bike in the great outdoors thanks to our tandem MTB. Teaming-up with the pilot in front, you can make anything happen, from a casual introduction to mountain biking to a more sporty or challenging feat. We adapt to your personal inclination and abilities! And best of all, you can share this moment with your loved ones if you want as they can join in with individual bikes, just as they would on a custom ride session.

Come and meet us down at Berthet's or get in touch to know more.